1. Choosing a cleaner based on equipment alone.
Sure proper equipment is necessary to do a good job, however if the operator is not trained properly the best equipment in the world won't do what it is suppose to do. All our technicians are properly trained and certified to Chem-Dry standards. Plus the owner, Mr. Mike McHugh has 25 years experience cleaning over a million square feet of carpet. He can offer a carpet audit and estimate after one phone call.

2. Choosing a cleaner based on low price.
Low price can mean bait and switch. Once in your home you can be pressured into a more expensive job. Low price can mean a single cleaning process. Low price means the cleaner may have cheap equipment, no insurance and poor quality cleaning agents.

3. Choosing a cleaner based on a single phone call.
Call us with exact room sizes and we can give you an exact price.

4. Choosing a cleaner who doesn't offer a money back guarantee.
We do a thorough pre-inspection. If an area will not clean properly we let you know ahead of time. If a spot comes back so will we.

5. Choosing a cleaner without getting comments from their other customers.
Call us for a referral. View our website testimonials.

6. Choosing a cleaner whose products may harm the environment.
Our main cleaning agent, The Natural® is on the governments GRAS list, generally recognized as safe: it's like a mineral bath for your carpets, odor-free and safe for kids and pets.

7.Choosing some one from out of the community.
We have served York County for over 25 years in the carpet cleaning industry. We belong to civic organizations and local churches. You will see us at the malls and grocery stores.

8. Choosing a cleaner based on per-room pricing.
Watch the small print. Rooms over 200 sq. feet often count as two areas. Halls count as an area. Pre-treatments and spots are often extra charges. L-shaped rooms can count as 2 areas.

Please give us a call at (717) 235-6493 if there is any additional information you would like or if you have any questions or concerns. We offer Same Day service and Saturday appointments at no extra charge. We look forward to being your carpet cleaning company of choice.